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Gravada inicialmente por Zé Lopes, com participação de Albert Abrantes e lançada no "Concerto nº 400 para São Luis", CD que Zé Lopes homenageou o quarto centenário da Ilha do Amor, o rap "Pátria Amarga" caiu no gosto da cantora Mariah e ganhou uma nova versão com participação de Fauzi Baydoun e arranjos e execução do maestro internacional João Carlos Martins. Lançada em Londres, a música caiu na graça do cantor Sting, vocalista da banda The Police, que pediu para Mariah, que fosse feita a tradução para o inglês e que fosse gravada para fazer parte da campanha que a ONG
survival, esta lançando. A gravação está em fase de finalização e fará parte do CD que Mariah lançará até o fim do ano.
Alex Brasil, Zé Lopes Vs. Mariah

Bitter Nation Brasil

How many native indians will die

How many Bosnias will grow

By this gentle flag

Full of senile hope


Which cannot embrace

So many children with no homes

Bitter Nation Brasil


With no land to be sown

And no fruit to be reaped

The triumphs of life

Are yet to be reached


Children of the streets

Forgotten with time

Please answer bitter nation

Why so many in desperation


Falsifying prophets

Bitter nation Brasil

The children of your womb

Weep hunger still


Straybulletsbringdeath, removing all life

Hunger creating wounds of pain

That mortal hunger kills more than Hiroshima and the Napalm bomb

Patriot love I declare to thee

You pretend to make people believe in you

Because you show a love that is not true


The R15 rifle

Bitter nation Brasil

The hunger of your people, all falling ill

With no where to call home

Pain both rural and urban

You are all left standing still


When tears of hunger bleed through the eyes

Brother oh my brother

Do you have me in sight


Many unpleased with their lives

Held back by the lack of choices they face

With plentiful land and fruits to bear

Of why sweet nation do my brothers and sister cry out in despair


Hunger sharpens the knife used to stab

Hurting a nation screaming to have

The choice of a better life to come

They hope, they cry, but will it be done


Careful oh sweet nation

Because hunger brings aggravation

It has famine teeth and consumes a nation

The blood of dreams which bleed in pain

In the real pain, the pain of your people

The blood of the favelas which run through your womb

Throwing out infancy onto the streets

Left to compete for a place with the dogs

Rummaging the rubbish of the rich

Amongst rats and all sorts

To beat the hunger which kills

For each minute one of your children

You abandon without guilt

All innocence removed,

Childhood torn from a nation

Left with no education

In front of your face, sweet nation, biter nation, Brasil


Mother of the blood of fear

Mother of a homeless people

Without tools, without jobs, bear feet with pained hearts

Whilst they sleep in thrones of gold

Drinking from the blood of pain

Brasil you are a promised land

But your destiny brings tears to my eyes

Whilst there is life in the desert

In your green flag death, is all that lies.


Written by Alex Brazil & Zé Lopes

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